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Foreign Operators Permit Compliance Round Table Discussion Report

Presentation: November 2018Download »

BARSA General Meeting

Presentation: 14 September 2018Download »

BARSA General Meeting

Presentation: 29 May 2018Download »

The Application of GDPR in South Africa

Presentation: 29 MayDownload »

BARSA General Meeting

6 APRIL 2018: BARSA General Meeting Presentations
Dr. Heil
June CrawfordDownload »

BARSA Aviation Summit 2018

MAR 2018: BARSA Aviation Summit Delegate Pack
Stakeholder’s Letter
Summit Report
PresentationsDownload »

ICAO Economic Development

FEB 2018: Air Transport Monthly Monitor
World Results and Analyses for DEC 2017.
Total scheduled services (domestic and international).Download »

BARSA General Meeting

Presentation: 1 December 2017Download »